Amazon Affiliate Program 2019: How To Register for Amazon Affiliate Program In Nigeria

To register for Amazon Affiliate Program in Nigeria is something almost everyone finds difficult complete. I’ve found out that most bloggers and affiliate marketers like you and I are struggling to get Amazon affiliate account fully registered but never succeed in completing the registration. The common problem that I used to have is Phone verification issue. I have written a guide that will help you get into the Amazon affiliate program In Nigeria plus how you can verify Amazon phone number issue.


What Is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon Affiliate Program is a program managed by the world largest online store. They have varieties of products that everybody would love to buy.

The Amazon Affiliate Program (Amazon associates) allows you to promote links on your site and get paid when a customer purchases a product through your unique affiliate ID.

If you are new to Affiliate Marketing, I want to explain how affiliate marketing works and very lucrative for you as a blogger or publisher.


How Amazon Affiliate Works

Amazon will pay you as an associate through commissions when someone makes a purchase using your unique affiliate ID and there is no limit to what you earn from doing your job as an affiliate. A product from Amazon costs $3,000 USD and a customer purchased that product through your affiliate link. If Amazon is to pay a commission of 30% for that product that person purchased, you will end up earning $900USD for that product the customer purchased through your link. I hope that’s clear to you and by now you understand how affiliate marketing works.

PS: Note you will not earn a commission of 30% on products because every product and category has their own commission rate, Amazon Affiliate Program commision rate starts from 4% per Item and varies with products


How To Register For Amazon Affiliate Program In Nigeria Successfully (Phone Verification Issue Fixed)


Resources needed to create an Amazon Affiliate Program In Nigeria.

To Register for Amazon Affiliate Program In Nigeria, you need to have the following resources;

  • A fast internet connection and PC to register.
  • An Android 4.04 or Greater, to Receive a phone call. Don’t worry I will explain it a little later.
  • A new email to register. If you have an account with Amazon but not verified yet, click here to jump to phone verification section of this post. But if you still use a new email, no problem, that’s your choice.


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Step 1: Visit Amazon associates sign up page.

If you have all the resources listed above just copy the link below and head over to the Amazon associate sign up page to create an account.



How to register for amazon affiliate program in nigeria


Step 2: Create an account.

You will be prompt to sign in just click on “Create a new Amazon account.” From the next page fill in your personal pieces of information. Add your website or blog and select “No” on the next screen then click Next. Add your website description and select other options that apply to your niche then click the “Next” button. That’s it; you are done with the miscellaneous.

Now if you are from countries other than the US follow these steps to get a US phone number to pass the phone verification step. Don’t worry the process easy and it requires no technical skill of you doing it.


Step 3: Amazon Affiliate Program In Nigeria Phone Verification Issue Fixed

Now, you need to make use of your Android device. You have been trying to get a US phone number, and you have read a lot of tutorials online on how to get one. But most of the tutorials you read did not tell you the process of getting the phone number. They will just tell you to download Text Plus android app then install it and sign up.

On the process of doing it, you will get an error like, “Sorry but Text plus cannot work in your country,” or it will not give a response but keeps on loading with a circular icon on the screen of your Android device.


Here is the Big Catch

I have got you covered with the full tutorial on how to get the free US phone number. I will get you started right away. But before we get things going, please minimize the Amazon phone verification tab and follow the below steps. To get you started, you will need to get a VPN. We will make use of Zenmate VPN; you can download it by following the download link I will be sharing in the next step


Why you need Zenmate VPN App

You need to change your IP address to match that of US for you to sign up on the Text Plus app and complete the registration for Amazon Affiliate Program In Nigeria, without ZenMate, the Text Plus app will not work.


Step 1:  Download ZenMate VPN

Download ZenMate VPN app from the Google Play store and create an account. After creating your account, check and verify your email address for you to start using FREE 7 Days Premium trial of ZenMate VPN service.

Login to the app from your Android device and set the location to the United States, ZenMate will connect showing the green background of the ZenMate logo.


Step 2: Download and Install the Text Plus App.

  • Install the Text Plus app on your Android device and click on sign up button. download Text Plus app
  • Choose a user-name and password and accept the terms and condition and then click on sign up button.
  • Now click on select state then choose new your
  • Choose an area code and then click on add a phone number.
  • Verify that you are a human by completing the reCaptcha.

That’s all, you now have a USA phone.

Now head over to the phone verification step on Amazon.

  • Enter the phone number you got from text plus app without adding the +1 prefix.
  • Click on “Call me now.”


A 4-digit code will be auto-generated by Amazon on the registration page. When the call comes in, click on the dial pad and wait till the caller tells you to punch the 4-digit code that is being displayed on the Amazon affiliate Phone verification page.

After you must have done that. Wait seconds then your screen should give the same message as seen on the image.



Amazon Affiliate Program Create, Verify account and Make Money (2)

If you see the image above, it means you followed the tutorial well if not so please go on and restart again. Complete the tax information by clicking the “Now” button.

I have written a guide that will help you to verify tax information here in Nigeria and as for any other country; you can also do the same except if you are the US persons.

If you cannot do it all by yourself or you find it difficult passing through the registration processes. I can help you set up an account for a fee of $14 (₦5,000)


What next?

If you face any issue during registering your account please comment and I will attend to you shortly. You can also use the chat button to leave a message and I will attend to you shortly.


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