Namecheap Affiliate Program: How To Promote Namecheap affiliate Links

Namecheap affiliate program is one of the best web hosting affiliate program that allows its users to earn by referring new customers. If you are looking forward to promoting Namecheap and earn via their affiliate program, you are at the right place because I will show you the various ways you can earn massively in first three months of joining the program.


In a nutshell, this is how their affiliate system work,

  • First, you need to apply  to join the Namecheap  affiliate program
  • Secondly, get approved
  • Thirdly Start promoting their products
  • Lastly, earn rewards for your promotion

Well, the listings above seem so easy in the eyes but you need to work each step out and finally get started by earning your first commission as a Namecheap affiliate. I will walk you through each step and share working tips that will enable you to maximize your earnings.


About Namecheap

Namecheap is a web hosting and domain name registrar that is based in Los Angeles of California United States. They an ICANN accredited domain names sales and registration that are offered by third parties with over 10 million domains registered under them.

The founder and CEO of the company are Richard Kirkendall it was founded in the year 2000 and it is a privately held company.

Now that you know about NameCheap, you should also know why they need you to promote their products.

In a nutshell, Namecheap needs you to get more customers for their products and make more sales at the end of every promotions-as the affiliate you get paid by the commission after each successful sales.


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How Does Namecheap affiliate Program Work?

The aim for NameCheap is to get more customers right? As a result of that, for each successful sales that they make via your affiliate link, you will get paid too.

I will like to make an example (this is to make it clearer to you.)

If Namecheap has a product that sells for 149 USD, and if I am able to get someone to buy this product through my affiliate link, I will earn nothing less than 20% out of the 149 USD worth of product sold. That’s how it works, although you will find more ways soon as you join.

But to get this product sold you will need to do a little extra work from finding the right keywords and driving targeted traffic to your affiliate link.

I will share ways in which you can earn as a Namecheap affiliate without spending a dime to run ads or pay someone to help you write copies. I will also… enough of all the explanations let’s get things done right about now.




Ways to promote Namecheap affiliate links and get product sales like crazy.

1. Facebook page or wall:

oh, you might be thinking that what has Facebook got to do with Namecheap affiliate program right? Well, it has a lot to do.

Did you know?

With the help of Facebook, I was able to lock my first affiliate sales and got even more sales using it.

So, there is 45% of chance that if you promote your links on Facebook too, you will get more people to use the affiliate link in purchasing a product from Namecheap. You just have to write contents that will direct them to your sales link, once you are able to do that, you will get commissions.

You should also know that users on Facebook like contents with nice images.

Product: they are items sold on Namecheap (domain, hosting, SSL certificate, and private emails accounts.) are one of those products I am talking about.


2. Forum generated Contents:

Forum generated content is one of the most effective ways you could get more affiliate sales as a Namecheap affiliate marketer. Such forums are Nairaland, Quora, Warrior Forum and a host of others.

However, this forum have their own rules set to govern how you post contents, have conversations, and types of the link you promote in your content. How do you promote your affiliate links without having gone wrong?


Steps To Promote Affiliate Links in Forums

Listen and listen very good, this will help you anywhere on the internet.

To promote Namecheap affiliate product/link in a forum, these are the steps you are going to take.


  • a. You must first look for a product that solves a particular problem and publish an article on it.
  • b. Make sure your article is straight to the point and make them feel there’s a need to get the products that you are recommending for the problem. It could be about: Poor security, Server uptime or anything relating to a blog or website.
  • c. After publishing your article, you will need a simple but powerful copy to get traffic from these forums to your product and then look for a thread in the forum about your article by using the search bar on the forum.


Example of a copy that I use.

e.g. Hi everyone, I think I’ve found a solution to (state the problem) and I have also thought about getting it solved before posting it on the forum.

I have enumerated the possible fixes in one of (my latest or old) articles. I know that you need it but I can’t post the link without your permission so it doesn’t look like am spamming, I just need your permission to go on and paste the link.

That’s an awesome example of copy you could be used to post on forums for your Namecheap affiliate links. Once the members or moderator approves your request, you can go on to post the link after doing that you should be expecting sales anytime any day.

Although, you will have to write at least three others so it doesn’t really look like you are spamming.

PS: Do not post direct affiliate link except you are asked to do so, only post your link to your article as you have requested.

  • d. Rinse and follow the same steps repeatedly.



Twitter #Hash tag:

Twitter is undoubtedly one of the best places you can reach out to hundreds and thousands of users with the help you #hash tags. This method is really cheap and reliable and once you use them properly, you may get tones of sales from relatively unknown persons because of the hashtag used while sharing your link on the social platform.

However, there are no special steps you can follow to do this but you will have to make sure you know how to write captivating short copies of about 150-160 characters.

The tweet should contain more text, line break, link to the article and high-quality images.

You’re only allowed to tweet a maximum 250 characters of text on twitter so should learn to be able to write in short form contents that will help you get awesome sales.


How do you get hashtags to use?

Well, there are Ise few apps you could use to search each category you want your post reach.

  • Tagomatic (Android App)
  • You can also make use of twitter most trending hashtags that relate to your article.
  • Go to Twitter
  • Use the search bar.
  • Before you type anything, you should see the least of trending hashtags, from there you can copy and use them inside your tweets.


Another way to use twitter to your advantage is by mentioning companies or people you’ve written about. This way, they help you to gain more people to trust and follow your articles.

Those are the three ways I am sure you can make affiliate sales with the Namecheap affiliate program.


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Promoting products you do not own can make you wick at times because you could get annoyed and stop promoting them, however, that’s not a good thing to do.

As an affiliate marketer, one thing that is almost certain is that you don’t expect quick sales from your affiliate links. Sometimes it happens that immediately you finish writing or recommending a product to your audience. You will start making quick sales and sometimes you do need to keep working until the day they start coming in.

The main pinpoint of the article is to show ways you can use to promote affiliate products, precisely for Namecheap affiliate marketers.

But don’t get it wrong, you can also use the methods described here to promote other affiliate products to your success.

What other ways do you promote the affiliate links that help you get sales?

Please share with us.

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