Exclusive Blog Interview – 001 W/ Nduka Chibuchi Lights

Today in our Interview series with entrepreneurs, start-ups hubs, and business owners we will be interviewing our first interviewee in 2018 and as a start, we want to focus on bringing the most exclusive interviews to your disposal and we hope that you will grow and learn from the people we bring from different angles of entrepreneurship and business.

Today lets welcome a graphic designer who I have been following on facebook for quite a long time now, and I have decided to bring him up on air today. His works flow with amazing creativities and I just can’t resist checking up his timeline on facebook daily


Welcome, Nduka Chibuchi Lights…

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Graphic Designer, Logo Design Chef, UI Therapist and a Creative Monger

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Hi, Nduka Light Chibuchi, Welcome to an exclusive interview session with Yusuf Bitrus on Bitruspreneur.com, it is nice having you here in the community as the first interviewee on the blog and as a Graphic designer.


Bitruspreneur: Tell us about yourself.

Nduka: I am Light Nduka, A graphic designer by heart.


Bitruspreneur: Nduka Lights, What inspired you to become a graphic designer?

Nduka: Well, the fact that I loved the craft, basically I used to watch people design in school (Abia state university) then and I thought I could do better if I had a laptop at my disposal.


Bitruspreneur: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Nduka: I’ve been in the act for 3years now as a growing freelancer, in 5years I should be a pro.


Nduka Lights - Amazing Job for INSTASPACES
Nduka Lights – Amazing Job for INSTASPACES


Bitruspreneur: In your opinion, what are the qualities that qualify you as a good graphic designer?

Nduka: The fact of keeping every job clean, accurate measurement, color decisions and quick delivery time.


Bitruspreneur: What type of design projects sparks the creativity in you?

Nduka: Logo designs and illustrations


Bitruspreneur: Have you worked being under pressure before? How did you handle it?

Nduka: Yes, if you’re hit with jobs with lots of cash involved and given a short delivery time. That is my own pressure. But with a chilled yogurt by my side in a room all by myself, works in handling the pressure pretty well for me.


Nduka Lights - Amazing Job for Yikadeen 2018
Nduka Lights – Amazing Job for Yikadeen 2018



Bitruspreneur: Do you have a team that works with you or just yourself?

Nduka: Just myself.


Bitruspreneur: What is your Biggest Adventure in the Graphic Design world?

Nduka: Creating Things you’ve never tried out before when given that project to work on.


Bitruspreneur: Which software do you prefer to work with and why?

Nduka: Well as a focused logo designer and illustrator, I combine Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, to answer the “why”, it makes job easy and fast especially when multitasking, moving an object from one software to the other is seamless.


Illustration Banner for Isabi.xyz - By Nduka Lights
Character Illustration Banner for Isabi.xyz – By Nduka Lights


Bitruspreneur: What is your design process?


  1. Think
  2. Dream
  3. Calculate
  4. Sketch and…
  5. Perfect.


Bitruspreneur: Can you share some of your previous works with us?


Nduka: Well, all my public jobs (Jobs with permission to be posted) are all on my Instagram page; @lightnduka


Link Up Group Unity Tournament Banner – By Nduka Lights


Bitruspreneur: What can you say to aspiring Graphic designers like you?

Nduka: Make your job clean and accurate, your clients will find you.


Bitruspreneur: What is your personal Quote?


[ctt template=”10″ link=”1LDee” via=”yes” ]Graphic Design is way more than creativity. [/ctt]
Nduka Chibuchi Lights


Thanks for participating, and we hope to see you at the top I wish you the best of luck with your job and more customers coming to patronize your works, you are one amazing man I have ever met as a graphic designer so far, thanks once again.

You can follow Nduka Chibuchi Lights on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter; @lightnduka  (I’m not sure of his twitter handle) if you are looking forward to getting a job done for you, I’m sure he will not disappoint you.


We at Bitruspreneur hope this exclusive interview with Nduka Chibuchi Lights have helped you push through with your own personal handwork.

Please share with us what you have learned so far or what sorts of motivation you have derived from Nduka Chibuchi Lights?

We’d love to hear about it.

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