NNU Affiliate Program: 5 Tips to Earn N,1000 Daily

You want to know how to make money with nnu affiliate program via nnu income platform right? In this article, I will show you 5 ways to make money with nnu affiliate program, you are going to love the first 3 methods that I use, they work really well. Just before then, let’s get to answer 1 question.


Why NNU Income Platform?

Among platforms like, newspay, and blog9ja. Why I chose the NNU Income platform is because they still have a future in the market and has a lot to give even though the platform is older. Another reason is that, they are trusted.

I hear a lot of people trolling nnu income platform here and there, that they are a scam, all this were bound to happen to anybody.

If somebody can wake up and suddenly blackmail Google for scamming, who is nnu income platform?

…and remember, this is Nigeria and many things happen. NNU Income platform is legit and yeah, like I said, they have bills to pay you.

Why NNU Will Keep On Sailing;

  • They are among the top 10 websites now in Nigeria
  • About a Billion naira is what they have paid their users
  • More than 10k active affiliate accounts
  • Over 70k active users
  • …and I’m glad to be among them.
  • Top companies like Tecno Now place Sponsored ads on nnu income platform.

Let’s get down to the main business here


How Exactly Does the NNU Affiliate Program Work?

I’m going to show you how to do that in a bit and what it takes to start the NNU Income platform as an affiliate marketer.

But before then, let me explain how the nnu affiliate program works. Continue reading to find out.

Let me be open to you, nnu affiliate program works in a way that is really simple, When you join the nnu income platform after registration, you are automatically enrolled as an affiliate.

You will earn 62% (N1,000) of new accounts that you refer to the platform.

To get these users is easy, I will show you how to refer users to this NNU income platform the proper way affiliate marketers do it.

But you can’t start earning when you don’t have an account right?

Find out below how to register for nnu account and then apply some tweaks to gain more referrals as an affiliate marketer.


How to Register for NNU Income Platform Account

To register for a nnu income platform account, there are a couple of things you need to have or arrange

  • An Internet connection, a stable one
  • Your N1,600 one time nnu income platform registration fee
  • An android device with With Whatsapp and chrome browser installed
  • Your email address, if you don’t have an email address, go to and register for an account.
  • Finally, if you have all the above mentioned arranged, you are good to go.

If you still mumble about the registration fee, read my review of nnu, it will help you clear some little doubt that you have.

Don’t worry, the payment is just onetime and will surely give you over 10x the money back. You just have to follow my footprints and there you go.


If you are ready, then, let’s get started

First, you need to get a coupon code to register, below is how to do it

  • From the list of phone numbers on the image below, contact any of them on Whatsapp stating that you need NNU coupon code.
NNu affiliate Program, NNU Affiliate Program: 5 Tips to Earn N,1000 Daily
NNU Income Program (NIP) coupon code distributors
  • They will ask you to transfer the N1,600 to their account, do it, send your payment proof, it can be a screenshot or teller.
  • But the screenshot is better. Once they confirm the payment, the distributor will send you a code.  Now, that’s your coupon code.
  • Copy the code and follow the steps below to register successfully


Step 1: Go to the registration page by clicking here

From the page, enter your details on the next page


Step 2: After entering your full details including your password, choose Coupon as your payment method.

An empty box will appear, paste the coupon code there.

NNu affiliate Program, NNU Affiliate Program: 5 Tips to Earn N,1000 Daily

Step 3: check the small box before “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions” by clicking on it see image below for a better understanding.


Step 4: Click on “Make Payment Button,” that’s it, you have successfully registered your nnu account and it is affiliate enabled.

NNu affiliate Program, NNU Affiliate Program: 5 Tips to Earn N,1000 Daily

All you have to do now is to start making money, continue reading to find out how you can do that.


How To Access Your NNU referral code and Banners.

Log in to your NNu income Platform account and click on “Referral link” located at your dashboard under marketing and as for banners, click on Banners.


How to Make N1000 to N5000 with NNU Affiliate Program.

Now, this where the real deal is, you have to know how to market a pen for people to buy.

In order words, you need to know ways to convince people on why and how to make money on NNU Income Platform.

The real working Idea comes in various forms, they all fall under creating awareness for people to join.

Below, I will show you exactly 3 ways I earn with nnu income affiliate program and how you too can do it.


Method 1: Tell Your Friends/Followers About The NNU Income Platform.

On Facebook, you have many friends that spend time chatting, scrolling timelines, liking pictures, and ranting under comments.

Why don’t you use their weakness? Create a post every now and then telling them how their time could fetch them money.

How they can turn 1,600 into a monthly flow of income and still get both Facebook and nnu working for them.

You don’t need reign insult on them, just use their weaknesses by informing them about the nnu income platform.


Example of this kind of message.

NNu affiliate Program, NNU Affiliate Program: 5 Tips to Earn N,1000 Daily


See complete post on Facebook


Method 2: Write About NNU Income Platform On Your Blog.

This method is working for me too, very well. About 4 months ago, I wrote a review about NNU income platform and today it is trending on Google. I did this with the help of my main blog.

This method works if you have a blog or a website. It will just cost you the time to write an article that will inform and persuade people to join NNU income platform and earn a lot of money.

This is known as content marketing. You just have to be good at writing and as well know how to rank your blog on google if you have one.

If you do not have a blog, you can manage the first method or create a blog like this one.

I can help you do that too if you want. Also in case you have a blog and don’t know to rank your articles on Google, I have an ebook that can be of help too. do check my store


Method 3: Word Of Mouth

The strategy has also worked for me; in fact, the first withdrawal I made was as a result of telling people of how nnu income platform works.

Believe me, they signed up after showing them my earnings as proof that it works. I helped them join and earned cash for it.

They believed me because, I am legit, and I showed concern about their well being. Psychologically humans love when you solve their problems.

So try this method and see it work for you too.

You could say,

Hey Mr. X, there is a platform that allows me earn cash for reading, commenting and sharing posts daily. I also earn N50 just by logging in daily.

Once you have earned up to N5, 000 in your wallet, you can withdraw it any day anytime and your payment will be processed to account within 24 hours. It is called NNU Income Platform

Don’t force anybody to join, let them do it at their will. all you have to do is to make them have the desire follow your sweet talks, that way you can win them over.

Method 4:  Share Your Story On YouTube

Okay, after Google it is YouTube. That’s correct; many people are in search of how to make money daily on YouTube In Nigeria.

Your video could be the next trending video on YouTube and this video can be featured on your blog.

This same video can get shared on Instagram and go viral, who knows where it can lead to.

All you have to do is show them how NNU Income Platform can benefit them.


Method 5: Run A Facebook Ads To Your Blog Content

Well, this method may sound very unusual, but then it works. Advertising your content on Facebook will cost you some amount of money but will surely pay off.

Don’t try this method unless you know how to run Facebook ads very well.

Go to YouTube and search for “How To run FB Ads That Converts for Beginners” an array of videos will appear.

Learn from any of them and run ads when you feel like you are satisfied.


Drawing Into Conclusion

Now, those are the five (5) most working methods that worked for me and will work for you too. These methods I have highlighted here can work on platforms other than NNU Income platform.

I hope I have helped you learn how to make money With the NNU  Affiliate Program. Do let me know in the comment section what you do not understand.

Or if you have a personal question to ask me, use the contact form. I will reply as soon as I can.

Did you find this article helpful?


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NNu affiliate Program, NNU Affiliate Program: 5 Tips to Earn N,1000 Daily

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NNu affiliate Program, NNU Affiliate Program: 5 Tips to Earn N,1000 Daily

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