NNU Income Program Review 2019: Make N5,000 Monthly

Is nnu income program (NNU forum) legit? – I have been asked this question and numerous others to help verify that nnu is legit.

The Big answer is yes, NNU is legit, and I have a secret to share plus bonus. Read on to find out what it is or click here to claim the Bonus + Big Secret of earning on NNU.

There is Good News

Are you part of the nnu V1? Here is what you need to know, Paul Samson is working on an API that will help you migrate your earnings to nnu V2.

What does this mean to you? It means that if you have earnings on nnu v1, all your available data and profits will move to nnu V2.

You will then be paid the remaining balance T & C apply.

So, no need to panic over anything as I have discussed with the owner off NNU Paul Sampson about it.

Below is the screenshot of the conversation. I also got registered too.

nnu forum chat with pso

Now, there should not be any reason to doubt if nnu is legit or not.


Introduction to NNU Income Program

NNU income program has grown to a massive audience over the past 3 years of getting into the internet market and forum.

It is one of the most paying programs that exist in Nigeria.

However, many sites have claimed to pay the best and end up scamming people for it.

With the NNU income platform, it seems to be different.

In this post, I will be telling you what you need to know about the NNU Income Program (NIP).

Before you invest your hard-earned money, take your precious time and read about the Nnu income program.


What You Will Learn About NNU Income Program (NIP).

  • You need to know about NNU Income Program
  • How To Join NNU and Make Money.
  • When the NNU Income Program was founded.
  • Why the NNU Income Program exists.


What is NNU Income Program(NIP?)

NNU Income Program (NIP) is a program that is set to deal with the financial problem amongst the youth, undergraduates, students, and stay at home individuals also whoever that wish to take advantage of Making money online.

NNU means Nigeria News Update. This program allows you to make money by reading, commenting and sharing sponsored articles and even when you log in daily.


Who Is The Founder Of NNU?

A Nigeria internet marketer found NNU (Nigeria News Update), his name is Paul Sampson. He has not only created the best news reading platform in Nigeria.

But he also created an easy way you and I can make money by reading articles, sharing contents and learning as well.

There are a lot of news websites that do not pay you a dime for reading a full passage of any news updated.

Paul Sampson Created the Idea, and many Nigeria Internet Marketers (IMers) joined him for doing so.

Without further ado, let us get started, shall we?


How To Make Money On NNU Income Program.

For you to be able to join NNU and make money, you need to perform some specific actions ranging from referring, reading news and commenting daily.

I’ve explained the various ways you can make money on NNU and cash out at least N5,000 to N20,000 every month.

My first payout on NNU was N5,000 because I wanted to know if they are legit or not. But earning 5000 a month on NNU Income Program is 100% guaranteed.

Below is the screenshot of my first payout.

NNU Payment Proof


#1 NARS: NNU Revenue Sharing

NNU shares their Ad Revenue with you when you do activities like


#2 NAP: NNU Affiliate Program 

NAP is an Affiliate Program that lets you earn even more money. You can be an affiliate ONLY when you are subscribed to the N1,400 NNU pack.

You do not need to apply to become an affiliate, with the One-time NNU Registration Fee, you will be automatically be added as an affiliate.

With NAP, you will earn N1,000 on every successfully referred signup, that’s people that join NNU through your NNU Affiliate Link or Username. You will earn Instant N1,000 naira on every successful sign-ups.

Now if you can refer at least up to ten or more people, you stand a chance of earning N10,000 naira or more anytime any day.


Introducing New Types Of Earners On NNU V2

On the NNU forum AKA NNU income program, there are two types of earners which I am going to explain below. Each Phase has its benefit, but one is better. I will also show you how to grow your earnings below.


Fast Earners

These groups of earners are people who earn 20k above and must be referrals. They get paid fast at the end of the month during the payroll.

Slow Earners

These groups of earners on nnu are the persons who earn below 19k and will be paid after the fast earners batch have been paid.

Now, you have to decide which category you want to belong to on nnu v2 as explained above.


I have A Secret That Can Help You Be The Fast Earner In NNU and Get Paid Fast

Yes, a big secret that shows you how to become a fast Earner on the NNU income platform.

The Secret is available to any who signed now. Also, you will be getting other mouth-watering eBooks on how to grow your earnings even if you are entirely new to the internet.


To get my Bonus, sign up on nnu forum with the given steps below and send the screenshot of successful sign-up. Send me a WhatsApp message or email.


How To Register For NNUForum And Get My Bonus To Earn Fast.

Do you have your registration fee of N1,400 or NNUforum E-pin ready? Follow the steps below to register. If you need the nnu E-pin, you can contact me to help you get it directly from Paul Samson.

Step 1: Click here to NNUforum Registration and fill out the form

Step 2: Make Your payment via E-pin or your ATM card (Contact me if you need help)

Step 3: Send me an email that you are done via and get your bonus.


Note: I will remove the bonus soon, you can be lucky if you sign up now.

Do you have questions to ask regarding the nnu income platform (NNU forum)? Comment below or contact me as soon as possible.


Written by Yusuf Bitrus

From the heart of Nigeria, I have spent the last 3 years learning SEO and working for small business to increase their traffic and gain more leads. Their goal is to reach the first page, make sales and I did that for them. I love learning new things and sharing how they work, you should expect what works.


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    • LOL It is not fake and not a scam rather, I don’t do fake or share scam kinds of stuff with my readers. you specifically, I respect everyone’s privacy.

      I know this will be hard for you to believe but it is fine because I was also against nnu and I posted scam stuff about them. I had a little bit of conversation with the owner of NNU which I will be updating soon on this article. Just stay with me.

  1. This isnt a bad innovation actually. The NNU has emancipated Nigerians and it will raise millionaires. Personally, I would say that N1600 is not a bad investment, since its only a one-time payment.
    Nice writeup admin.

  2. I have be making seeing the money they suppose to pay me for my nnu activities, but at once the money will be deducted, and I just registered day before yesterday, what’s the problem and what should I do ?

  3. Shut up….it is not a scam
    Just withdrawed yesterday with the same money I worked 4….I Dont no how it got to u DAT way but really not a scam njust be patient with it
    What day is dis post

    • Okay…. Just enjoy whatever you want to.

      I’ve layed down my own warnings to people who will want to listen.

      I can’t stop you nor tell you to bring in more users.

      Case closed.

  4. Hi sir, please i have up to 20k with NNU but i don’t know how to withdraw it. Please can you guide me or have they stopped paying.?

    • Just forget them and find something better to invest upon…

      I’ve listed upto 5 ways you can at least earn legit money online here…

      Choose one and enjoy the benefits 😊

  5. Hello I just joined recently that’s yesterday with 1600 Because I have not read anything like this now what do you think I should do now? Even though I comment nothing reflect now am fed up

    • just forget about that account and move on there’s nothing good about nnu.

      unless you’re referring people and which is something that is very hard because if people don’t like what’s happening you will blamed.

      if they don’t earn money you’ll be blamed. it just like I am being blamed right now so just forget about the account and move on.

  6. sorry am new to the NNU stuff, I have made up to 10k as NARS earner but I can’t make withdraw..
    pls what am I going to do??

    • NARS conversion does not work again, NNU is a SCAM Program! Stay away from such a program and move on with what is real.

      I have Listed possible ways to make money online as an individual here in Nigeria and soon will be elaborating on them.

      So, stay glued to my upcoming posts that will address at least 5 Ultimate ways to make money online here in Nigeria and be happy.

    • You are welcome oladoke, saving peoples ass and money is the best thing to do.

      I’m glad we’ve all learnt the truth now and alternatives to earn money online.

  7. Nnu deduct money I earned, from 6000 to 2000, I regret being part of it, I can’t recommend anyone, I’m regretting the ones I introduced. I feel like my 1600 is gone, I had to stop some people I almost introduced, bcoz I don’t want them to think I make them waste their money as well. NNU have no right to be deducting my money

    • Accept the fact and move on JojoDiamond, It will only get better.

      Meanwhile, I have updated the page that reveals that NNU is a scam and other ways you can start making money online.

  8. Please I have a problem I have nars earning of over 20k and 2/referrals and have demanded for nars ad revenue share but my my prob is that is it only 3k that would be transferred how would I get my 20k in the activity earning thank you

  9. Please I have requested for my NARS earning to be converted to my wallet so I can withdraw, but for over two day now, still nothing yet……. Wat do you think is the problem please

  10. Please i want to ask 2 questions….1. Does reading post only pays the #2? or reading,commenting and contributing or does commenting and contributing also pays….2.will i be getting credited immediately and will i be seeing it in my account as i earn it?….please looking forward for your reply sir

    • Hi oluwatobi, it is nice t have you comment on my post and I am so happy to have you questioning my review about Nnu.

      Below are the answers to your questions.

      If there is anything you will have answer again, yell and I will be right here to help the situation.

      1. Yes they pay for both activities; reading and contributing or commenting, you will earn #2 naira for reading and contributing on each post, likewise when your post is approved on the Nnu platform.


      Yes, for every post that you read and comment that you make, you will earn 2 naira instantly accumulated to your Nars earning.

  11. Thanks but if have shared all sponsored post on your Facebook timeline and you later have issues with your account after earning from those post, if you fill that you didn’t share sponsored post on your timeline will your earnings be reduced ? Secondly if you didn’t meet up with all the sponsored post for the month but have earned and posted few if they review your timeline will they pay for only those ones you share or will they reject your request. Pls I need detailed explanations on these questions. Thanks

    • Hi Kelvin, it is nice to have you comment on my post and I am happy to have you questioning my review about Nnu.

      The sun here could fry an egg and… Cut the crap, I mean the sun here is so damn hot and no light… Lol just kidding.

      …and ehm your questions, I have answered them best to my knowledge, if you feel an itch that they did not help you just cough and say “Hi” to me via the comment section and I will see to it as fast as flash…. Enough of the talks already.

      Below are answers to the questions that you have asked.

      1. No, your earnings will not be deducted.

      Instead of keeping quiet about what happened to your timeline, you should narrate the issue on the withdrawal page use the “any Word for the admin” box, with that, you will get heard be considered.


      You could just contact them directly to explain what happened to account, am sure they will look into it and get back to you.

      Use the support email to contact them.

      2. The answer to your second question is yes, they will pay for the sponsored posts they find on your Facebook timeline.

      I hope I have answered your questions and also helped you Kelvin.


  13. Pls i have more than #25,000 in my NNU Nars earning and 1 referrer, but till now am unable to withdraw
    Pls what can I do

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