NNU Income Program Review: Legit Or Scam? Read Before You invest

Welcome my dear friend, yes you are my friend for coming to my blog, you are here to learn more about the NNU Income Program (NIP) and you want to know if it is a scam or legit way of making cool cash online right?

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What You Will Learn About NNU Income Program (NIP).


  • I will tell you about NNU Income Program Including
  • The owner.
  • When the NNU Income Program was founded.
  • Why NNU Income Program exists.

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Because no matter the search term that you used to reach us today, you will learn about the NNU Income program and how you can bag at least 10k to 50k a month.

Hey, you hate reading long articles right?

Yes,” Don’t worry I will not bore you with one instead; it is going to be fun reading this article.


Are you ready to start earning?

Let’s go…

Let me be honest with you About NNU Income Program.

I will be very honest with you about this program because I want you to earn cash online even if this is your first time of getting yourself involved in online deals.

While you have made money Online, here I will be very honest with you,



There is no easy way to make money online anywhere in the world, you need to work.


Whoever told you that making money online is easy, he/she is not doing you any good.

But hey, I will show ways around NNU.

So stay with my friend, I’m about giving the hit…

Before we get started, I want you to note something,


No amount too small to call money, you just have to sum them up and one day they will become huge amount of money.”


Note it somewhere.


What is NNU income Program?


Wait!!! Don’t you want to know why I’m writing this review?

Okay, let me tell why.

I don’t want you to compromise things with other reviews you may see out there on Google.

Some of this guys won’t go in details as I want to do here and besides, I write not about the money here it’s about you, other people interested in making money online and your well being.

If I am making money and leaving you behind without showing you how I do it, then I’m not doing you any good and even I included, someone might call me stingy wicked or even ungrateful for behaving that way.

Below is my detailed and up-to-date review about NNU Income Program; I will tell you everything I know and what you need to know about joining and making money from this awesome program.



What is NNU Income Program(NIP?)

NNU Income Program (NIP) is a program that is set to deal with the financial problem amongst the youth, undergraduates, students, and stay at home individuals also whoever that wish to take advantage of earning the opportunity.

This program allows you to make money by reading, commenting and sharing sponsored articles and even when you log in daily.


[irp posts=”5833″ name=”NNU Registration Guide 2018: How To Register NNU and Get Approved Instantly”]


NNU Income Program Earning Process.


NNU has two types of a process of making money.

NARS: NNU Ad Revenue Sharing — NNU shares their Ad Revenue with you when you do activities like login in reading, commenting posting forum topics and sharing of daily assigned posts on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

NAP: NNU Affiliate Program — NAP is an Affiliate Program that lets you earn even more money.

You can be an affiliate when you have to subscribe to the 1,600 NNU pack, and you do not need to apply to become one, once the One-time fee is paid up, you will be automatically be added as an affiliate.

With NAP, you will earn 62.25% on any successfully referred signups, that’s people that join NNU through your NNU Affiliate Link or Username. You will earn Instant 6.25% = 1000 naira on every successful sign-ups.

Now if you are able to refer at least up 10 or more people you stand a chance of earning 10,000 nairas or more anytime any day.



FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions about NNU income Program “NIP.”)


These are Questions that you are most likely to ask, with the FAQ I have answered them all here if there is any question you will like to ask please post it in the comment section.


Does NNU Income program pay without 2 referrals?


Yes, nnu has started paying NIPers without referrals but, you will have to earn up 20,000 on NARS earnings.

If you have not joined NNU yet, use the link below to see how to register nnu account and get approved instantly.


[irp posts=”5833″ name=”NNU Registration Guide 2018: How To Register NNU and Get Approved Instantly”]


Who is allowed to Join NNU Income Program?


Everybody can be a candidate of NNU income Program.

Are you a student, are you just graduating from school, a job seeker, a Blogger, Housewives (Stay at home MOM) Stay at Home DAD? Whoever you may be, you are welcome to join and earn from this program.

You can even take advantage of your friends and family, schoolmates, WhatsApp/Twitter/Facebook followers, and friends, email subscribers.

As a student, you can take advantage of other students by referring to them using the NAP (NNU Affiliate Program) and make lots of money to your bank account.

Now, the program is good for you because you will get to pay school bills, buy handouts, finish up projects and still have a change in your bank account.


How Do I join NNU Income Program?


Joining NNU income Program Does not need a lot of steps you will have to fill a form and make payment with your ATM card (Verve, MasterCard, and Visa) and all the cards listed in the bracket are acceptable.

You can start here by clicking here

Now just fill out the form with your Legal information and make 1,600 payment or you can use the video below to see how to register fast.



NNU Income Program (NIP) Review Legit Or Scam Read Before You invest
NNU Income Program (NIP) Sign Up Process infographic


Once all details have been entered correctly click on “Make Payment.

There are two options to make your payment.

Paystack: With paystack, you will need to use your ATM card, just enter your details and proceed with the transaction.

Coupon: With a coupon, you will need to purchase a code from a coupon code distributor.

Below are the recommended Distributors of NNU Income Programm Coupon Code, contact any of them to purchase the NNU coupon Code coupon

NNU Income Program (NIP) Review: buy coupon code and coupon code distributors
NNU Income Program (NIP) coupon code distributors


Warning: Please Make sure you enter your own name, email address, and phone number during signup.

If you don’t have an email address yet, go to Gmail.com and sign up for getting an email address now, and make sure you come back and start with the sign-up process.


Account approved what next?

How can I earn and how do I get paid on NNU?

There are 6 ways in which you can earn on NNU Income Program Real Quick at the point of getting approved.


  1. NAP: You will earn 62.25% for valid referrals you do. Each referral earns you N1,000, and that’s the 62.25% I am talking about. NNU plans to pay you commissions when other valuable products are introduced. In which you will earn even more commissions per each products sale.
  2. Active Daily login: NNU will pay you daily when you log in daily browsing and reading news. For each day you login NNU will Credit you N50 or more to your dashboard earning depending on their daily ad revenue.
  3. Reading Posts, Commenting and Contributing: For each latest posts you read, comment and contribute to on NNU, You will N2 or more depending on the Ad revenue for that day.
  4. Posting Forum Topic: For each well written, genuine forum topic you post that gets approved, you earn N100.
  5. Sharing of Sponsored posts on Facebook and Twitter: NNU income Program Add assigned posts almost every day and for a day you share an assigned post as recommended, you will earn N100.
  6. NARS: as NNU shares Monthly Ad revenue with you when you take part in the program activities.

According to NNU; they do not limit your earning amount, which only means you can make as much money as you can it all depends on how much time you and effort you put in daily to earn on the platform.



How do I add my Bank account From NNU income Program?


Login to you NNU account and click on “payment settings” as seen on the image.


NNU payment settings

Enter your bank details in the empty form provided by NNU.


Account Number: 

Account Name: 




See image below for a better understanding.


NNU update account example



The smallest balance required for you to cash out is N5, 000 and terms and conditions apply 

All your earnings, NAP + NARS + Month-end Ad Revenue will be paid to your assigned account number, Withdrawal form is available from 1th of every month till 25th and payout proceeds on 27th to 30th of every month.


Is NNU Income Program Closing Soon?


NNU Income program is never planning anytime soon, it has come to stay for as long as the owner and the forum exist.


Why is NNU Income Program Paying you?


Good question, NNU is a news site that wants to become number one source for gossips and news update in Nigeria, but they cannot archive it all alone that’s why they pay me and you for reading news and sharing their daily assigned posts.

By doing so, they become what they strive to become.

That’s the reason


Is NNU Income Genuine/Legit?


NNU is %100 Legit and No scam alert has ever been raised up against them since it has begun to flourish.

Now you may ask, is this not another scam? NO. Not at all. NNU Income Program (NIP) is a financial solution, not a quick rich scheme and it’s a Double Your Hustle (DYH) idea created July 2017 by a young Nigerian netpreneur Paul Samson under the auspices of G-Cyber Technologies. A professional web and ICT business registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission (2453653).”
– As Stated by NNU.NG

With that being said together with my review of the NNU Income Program, am sure that you want to take action now.


Can we buy airtime from nnu wallet?

No, you can not buy airtime from your Nnu wallet and there’s no wallet on Nnu platform.

If you are looking for a wallet that you can use to buy airtime at your own convenient time, you should check 9pay e-wallet, I’ve written an article about them.


Can I use 1 month to earn the nnu income that can be used to pay my school fees?

Yes, it is pretty much possible to earn your school fees on Nnu and you can earn more than your school fees if you work very hard.


nnu coupon distributors phone number?

I’ve pasted the Nnu Coupon coupon code distributors phone number above click go there below to see them.


whenever I want to read news on nnu is slow?

Oh, that’s one of the disadvantages of Nnu income platform and it can be sorted out.

The site is deemed to go slow because there are a lot of people browsing at a time.

It causes a server overload which impacts the sites speed.

If you keep on experiencing the problem on and on again, you should wait for some minutes and load it again.

If it does not work, just keep on trying.


if nnu doesn’t approve your payout would they tell you?

Yes, a message will be sent to the email address with which you registered NNU account containing the text of approval or disapproval and if you didn’t get any mail it only means you will get paid or the email address is incorrect and you should change it.


Do you have any other question that is not listed above please ask by using the comment section and you can also use facebook comment box if you are logged, users.

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13 Thoughts to “NNU Income Program Review: Legit Or Scam? Read Before You invest”


  2. Thanks but if have shared all sponsored post on your Facebook timeline and you later have issues with your account after earning from those post, if you fill that you didn’t share sponsored post on your timeline will your earnings be reduced ? Secondly if you didn’t meet up with all the sponsored post for the month but have earned and posted few if they review your timeline will they pay for only those ones you share or will they reject your request. Pls I need detailed explanations on these questions. Thanks

    1. Hi Kelvin, it is nice to have you comment on my post and I am happy to have you questioning my review about Nnu.

      The sun here could fry an egg and… Cut the crap, I mean the sun here is so damn hot and no light… Lol just kidding.

      …and ehm your questions, I have answered them best to my knowledge, if you feel an itch that they did not help you just cough and say “Hi” to me via the comment section and I will see to it as fast as flash…. Enough of the talks already.

      Below are answers to the questions that you have asked.

      1. No, your earnings will not be deducted.

      Instead of keeping quiet about what happened to your timeline, you should narrate the issue on the withdrawal page use the “any Word for the admin” box, with that, you will get heard be considered.


      You could just contact them directly to explain what happened to account, am sure they will look into it and get back to you.

      Use the support email to contact them.

      2. The answer to your second question is yes, they will pay for the sponsored posts they find on your Facebook timeline.

      I hope I have answered your questions and also helped you Kelvin.

  3. Please i want to ask 2 questions….1. Does reading post only pays the #2? or reading,commenting and contributing or does commenting and contributing also pays….2.will i be getting credited immediately and will i be seeing it in my account as i earn it?….please looking forward for your reply sir

    1. Hi oluwatobi, it is nice t have you comment on my post and I am so happy to have you questioning my review about Nnu.

      Below are the answers to your questions.

      If there is anything you will have answer again, yell and I will be right here to help the situation.

      1. Yes they pay for both activities; reading and contributing or commenting, you will earn #2 naira for reading and contributing on each post, likewise when your post is approved on the Nnu platform.


      Yes, for every post that you read and comment that you make, you will earn 2 naira instantly accumulated to your Nars earning.

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