NNU Registration Guide 2019: How To Register NNU and Get Approved Instantly

Are you looking for an easy way on how to complete or start nnu registration and get approved instantly? You are at the right place because, in this article, I will show you the easy way to register Nnu account and get approved really quick.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Before we start, I’d like to let you know that This NOT a review article for Nnu so, if you are looking for information like;

  • Nnu is a scam or legit?
  • About Nnu income?
  • Is Nnu scam?
  • Nnu review

Sorry, such information is not included here.

What you are looking for is something like:

  • nnu registration form
  • Nnu registration guide
  • How to register for Nnu income program.
  • Register Nnu.
  • nnu form
  • login nnu

So I will show you a detailed guide on how to register on Nnu and get approved instantly.

NNU Registration Guide 2019: How To Register NNU and Get Approved Instantly.

Step 1: Registration Guide

To register NNU account and get approved sharp sharp? (Instantly) follow the instruction I have provided here.

Click here to the Registration Page 


I hope you know that you need 1600 to start the registration process? Once you have clicked the link, enter the required information in the fields. When you get to the username area, enter something pretty unique as your username on Facebook or Twitter, for example,

  • Yusuf4u,
  • Bitruspreneur10
  • miracle4369,
  • and so on.
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There are two ways to pay your Nnu registration money.

  • ATM card ( Verve MasterCard or Visa card)
  • Coupon code. (Recommended)

Choose Coupon code to  and tick “I have read and accepted Nnu terms and conditions and then make payment by contacting one of the NNU Coupon code distributors, below I have added a list of trusted NNU Coupon code distributors. 

Now click the “Make Payment” button.


Step 2: How To Register NNU Account Using Coupon Code.

after clicking the “Make Payment” button, you need to purchase a coupon code from one of the certified distributors.

How To Purchase a Coupon code

  1. Copy any of the phone numbers below
NNU Income Program (NIP) coupon code distributors
NNU Income Program (NIP) coupon code distributors
  1. Send them a message on WhatsApp saying “I want to purchase nnu coupon code
  2. He/she will reply with account details, make payment to the person and provide a valid means that you have paid by sending a screenshot and the account Name.
  3. He/she will now confirm and send your coupon code
  4. Visit your NNU account, copy and paste the code given to you then click “Make Payment” that’s all.

If it doesn’t work, you can contact me with 08082962931 to get it done for you.

What else do you need to know about Nnu registration?

Well, I guess nothing much but my review on Nnu income program will help you know ways you can make money easily at the point of getting your account approved. You can also see some of the nnu registration frequently asked questions below as I have answered them individually to help you get some questions you may want to ask me.


Nnu registration Most frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Here are the top questions you may ask and the ones I’m already seeing pointing to the blog post.


Is Nnu workable?

Sure, Nnu has been working and will still continue to work. You just have to register Nnu account and start making money. As simple as an ABC in under five minutes you will get started.

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How Do I register on Nnu for free/How to Register on Nnu for free?

To let you know the truth, there is no way you can register on Nnu for Free, it requires N1.600 payment to become a premium member and start earning revenues.

If you have not registered yet, click the “START NOW” button below and pay your one-time registration fee.

Start Now


How do I login Nnu account?

It is pretty much simple, you can log in with the username and password you provided during the Nnu registration process. If you can’t log in, please contact the Nnu support team they will assist you to get your inability to login Nnu issue fixed.


I have register Nnu account but how do I make payment?

You can make payment to upgrade your account to start earning.
Once you login to your Nnu account you will find the payment button placed at the bottom of your Nnu dashboard. Click that button and pay your Nnu registration fee to get your account approved instantly.

Should in case you have a problem signing up, just like I said earlier you can contact me to help you with completing your Nnu registration.


How do I connect/add my bank after I register Nnu account?

You can find the button right from your Nnu dashboard all you need to do is to add your account details just like the below example.

Account Number: 1234567898
Account Name: Yusuf Bitrus
Bank: WEMA Bank PLC.

Just change all the right information and paste it inside the box and save changes.


Can I register Nnu without a referral?

Yes, you can register but, it doesn’t sound nice at all because, somebody has helped you to find an easy to make money, so you should also thank that person by using his or her referral code to sign up. It will make that person happy to even show you more ways you can make money next time. So, don’t forget to use their referral code.

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Can I register Nnu without paying?

Of course not, you will not be able to register Nnu without paying your 1.600 onetime payment. Paying the money will make you have more interest in making money on Nnu and open gateways to many future opportunities.


Can I register Nnu without email?

No, you can not because the email address you provide during registration will be used to contact you or send notifications about your account status or withdrawal status. Your email address will serve as a post office to deliver new messages. If you don’t have an email address yet, you go here to register a Gmail account. Don’t worry it is easier than you think. Once email registration is done you can come and continue the Nnu registration process again.


How can I pay for Nnu to register?

The easiest and quickest way is to make use of your ATM card (verve, MasterCard or Visa) But you can also pay with your bank account if it is accepted. So again ATM CARD is the easiest snappy way you can register nnu account.

what should I do if I see a referral box in my nnu income registration process?

If someone has sent you a link to register, his/her referral name will display in the box and what you should really do is leave it like that, it is a sign of loyalty. Should in case the box is blank, copy this referral code bitruspreneur and use as your referral code


Do you have any other question concerning my nnu registration guide or how to register and get approved instantly?

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